It’s no secret we have our own lingo in the Kingdom of Tired.

I remember back (not all that long ago) when trying to conduct any conversation with non-sleep-deprived adults resulted in a lot of Whatchu say?”

That got me thinking about all the “Momfinitions” spoken in the Kingdom of Tired. Here’s a few of the funnier ones:

Mompursedrain-itis: The affliction that strikes me whenever I go to the grocery store or car repair shop lately. Can nothing be .99 anymore? (especially car repair).

MomZilla: The time of the evening, let’s say-9:45- when mom it OVER IT and turns into a two-legged version of a T-Rex.

The Snoofs: A.k.a “stuffy nose.” Most prevalent during the months of December-April.

Ninja Pooper: The small human in the house who sneaks into the bathroom with stealth and cunning, drops a BOMB…and LEAVES. Also know as the Anti-Flusher.

Double barreled runny: What most normal people would call a child’s nose during a cold. Both sides at once, mind you.

Diaper-geddon: The kind of explosive diaper that all moms dread. The kind where the PSI (poop per square inch) rivals a cannon full of oatmeal coming out at high speeds. Typically takes a pressure washer, a team of workers, and Haz-Mat suits for everyone for clean-up.

Two-Fisted Picker: The result of a prolonged Double Barreled Runny would be a Two-Fisted Picker. Apparently there is cool stuff “up in there.”

Groggy Froggies: What my kids are every morning when I have to jackhammer them out of bed (except on weekends when I get to sleep in. Then they are up by 6 a.m).

Mudslide south of the border: Tends to happen when someone in the house consumes too much corn or burritos..or both.

Screaming Like a Cornered Weasel: Basically it’s the loud squawking and back-pedaling that occurs when one of mt spawn is caught red-handed at something and trying to get out of it.

The Be-bitchin Hour: That time right before bed when my beloved chitlins are bucking the system and resisting going to bed. Usually right about 8:15 p.m

Wine-nese: The language I suddenly become fluent in as soon as the kids go to bed. From the Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio region

Unheckle Time: That quiet time after all kids are in bed and not in need of a snack, butt wipe, or general request for service….which usually lasts about 5-10 minutes…then I am unconscious in bed.

Lost in the Woods: The code word for all crappy/broken/LOUD/annoying toys that “go missing.”

Example: “Mom, where’s my screaming/flapping/shrieking gorilla toy that I like to make repeatedly squeal like a stuck hog??

Answer: “Not sure. Must have gotten Lost in the Woods.

What are your Momfinitions?


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    Oh, I don’t have any to share, but now I’m going to have to think up some. How fun! I love playing with words in this way. This morning my son said, “I’m freezing hot!” I love those kinds of word manipulations too — the unintended kind. :)

    Thanks for being so kind to stop by my blog. I am like you, most of the time — one tired mama! Too many late nights trying to keep up with what I can’t do during the day. :)

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    Walmarting the kids.

    Means to wake them up to go into a store after they’ve fallen asleep in their car seats.

    As in, “you want to walmart them?”

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    you say .99 cents – I say – nothing is ever under $100 anymore! for reals – it is getting crazy!!

    lost in the woods – girl you must put those babies to bed at 7 PM!! I do every night they have school – I need me an hour or two for a break!! Otherwise I would NEVER get to speak to my hubbie (not that he can ever take his nose out of his laptop – but a girl can dream)

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