Our family is SO excited it’s “almost time!”
Almost time for treats, costumes, and school dress-up days. Just “three more sleeps” until I will have a princess/ballerina/fairy and a stormtrooper/cowboy/monkey/knight all geared up and ready to Trick Or Treat.
I am excited for Halloween too.
But I have to admit, I kinda got a love/hate thing with Halloween.
I hate the ghoulie, bloody, gross Halloween. I hate teenagers with pillowcases Trick Or Treating at 9:00 p.m. I deeply, deeply dislike having to worry that, if I give the teenager-moochers-TrickerTreater-freeloaders and attitude, the eggs that will very likely fly afterward just may NOT come off my siding.
I hate that I have to stalk the TV. Even the kid channels have creepy stuff on it this week. One minute our 6 year-old is happily watching Scooby Doo, and the next he’s shrieking about the scary show that just came on with drooling ghouls and crazed PMSing bats.
Hhheeelllooo Mr Nightmare.
Yeah, there’s a few things about Halloween I could just do without.
But then again, there’s plenty of good stuff too.
I (we) love candy! CHOCOLATE candy. I have a weak spot for M&M’s and 3 Musketeers. *drool* slurp*. Have I ever raided my children’s Halloween bucket for a tasty treat between the hours of 9:00 p.m and 5:00 a.m.???
Noooooo….heavens no. Not me nope. Noper. Nopey Nope Nope.
I love sweet fairy princesses, fuzzy Care Bears, and even an annoying Dora or two at my doorstep. I love the smiling scarecrows, grinning Jack-o-Lanterns, and not-so-scary witches. I REALLY like the social part of this holiday. For us, it’s almost the social event of the year. Friends stop by, visit a moment, and move on. No entertaining or even that much housecleaning required. I like that ALOT.
My numero uno favorito thingo about Halloweeno is;…..
No required hanging with the rellies“. YupYup. It’s relatively “relative free”. (insert sigh of relief here). Yeah. This holiday rocks.
Happy Halloween!
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    I’m freak out about being egged too. I treat it like being held at gunpoint ‘just give them what they want (candy) and no one gets hurt!’

    Happy Halloween right back at ya~

  2. says

    Good point about not having to deal with relatives or cleaning the house. Never really embraced that before.

    I’m nervous about my daughter having a food allergy reaction – she’s allergic to peanuts, milk, egg and soy. This is probably going to be the most dangerous day of the year for her. All the peanut foods will have to be pulled out of her brother’s candy and thrown out or given away.

    Have a happy halloween! :)

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    I think I’m getting old. When my kids were little I loved halloween. I loved seeing them in their costumes, taking them door to door and seeing all the other little kids dressed up. Now that my kids are bigger and don’t participate (or maybe it’s just that I’ve “been there, done that”), I just find it annoying. I hate having to answer the door a million times. I hate having the kids reach in the bowl and take handfuls of candy (when did that start anyway?) and I especially hate that I am such a grump about the whole thing. What the heck is wrong with me? That’s why I’ve never admitted this before now. Shh! It can our little secret. Ours and the whole bloggy world. LOL!

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    haa! i LOVE it! seriously we are all so excited for halloween, its almost here! i can’t wait to hear all about your weekend, have fun NOT hanging with the rellies!!

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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’m really enjoying the Halloween season this year but can do without the yards full of graveyards and the creepy skeletons dangling from basketball hoops. Yikes.

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    Now that is a pretty darned good summary of this crazy holiday. It’s a love/hate thing indeed! Hopefully, though, it’s leaning toward the love side, especially with the 9pm – 5am potential snackies… 😉

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    I totally agree! I do LOVE the little flowers and butterflies that come to the door, but the teenagers drive me nuts!!

    Love you blog. I came from SITS!! Nice to find you!

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    Thank you for stopping by and following.

    I have the same feelings about Halloween. Maybe we should start a support group to make Halloween cute and sweet,lol…

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    Returning your visit. Thanks for leaving a comment. You comment, I follow!! I am not a big fan of scary, I am all about the fun, cute and SWEET Halloween! :o)

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