Congrats to Sarah!

If you’ve been following Scary Mommy’s quest for the Scariest of Mommies, you will know Sarah Momalom won. Congrats Sarah!

And in true Scary Mommy form, Jill wrote a post that was, I think, one of her best. It made me think. It made my nose snotty. And even though it has been the longest. day. ever. with the kids today, it made me remember how blessed we all are:

” I am very scary honest. This, above all else, is what makes me a scary mom: my need to breathe honesty and truth about everything and all that I have become since children poured from my womb and broadened the capacity of my heart to love.I need to be everything that I can be. This is my only shot. I am their only mother. This “gig.” This oh so overwhelming gig of motherhood…

Dang girl, you nailed it.

It made me think too that, at the core of my blog, I like my brutal honesty and colorful stories. I want to be able tell my little poop/frustration/nakedtoddler/strugglingfirstgrader/damn-my-pants-are-too tight stories so hopeful someone, someday will read them, breathe a sigh of relief and say; “oh thank gawd it’s not just ME”.

I joked today with another blogger that “my blog doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up….”

Now I know that I know why I blog. My blog is more “growd up” than I think. :)

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  1. says

    Love the ‘my blog doesn’t know what it wants to be’. Cute!

    And yes, when I have a frustrating day of nannying the kids and blurt out to my boss ‘your kids drove me nuts today!’ my boss doesn’t get mad, but rather, she breathes a sigh of relief and smiles and says, oh phew, you’re not super woman and you are normal!

  2. says

    sniff, sniff. Our baby’s all grown up.

    (I’m still not sure what my blog is. Mommy blog? Teacher blog? Grown up blog? I just know we all love to write, right?)


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    Ok, for some reason it didn’t save all of the good stuff I just wrote so I must try to remember what I typed. I think it was something to the effect of “I’m back!!!! Yes, I’ve been missing for a minute because school and busy kiddies have kept me extremely busy, but the reason you are one of my favorite bloggers is because I love your brutal honesty and the poopy knife is at the center of my favs. I actually had my hubby reading that one and crying in laughter. So I know there is much for me to catch up on, but I’m glad to be back.”

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