My Kingdom For A Button

It occurred to me the other day (as I was happily trolling through BlogLand). That I am buttonless.

I feel weird about it too.

Everyone else has shiny, snappy blog buttons. Bright, cheery, happy buttons. Many boasting “grab me” followed by a bunch of weird a$$ code I don’t understand. They seem to be everywhere.

There’s revolving buttons, flashing buttons, little buttons and great big buttons.

I am feeling a bit left out.

Hey….I wanna get on the blog button bandwagon! But where-o-where does one get a button? I truly want to know. Is there a button store? A Button Mart? Or better yet (something that fits me budget more) and Button SuperStore that, via smoke and mirrors, makes me think I’m getting a great deal on my button? Along with a free tin of cookies or a fifteen-cent spiral notebook?

I truly would like a button. So , in all seriousness, does anybody have any thoughts, advice, directions, on how I can lasso myself a dandy little FranticMommy bloggy button? If so, please advise before my Blog Button Envy reaches epic proportions. Your help is appreciated.

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    First you have to pick out a picture that you would like to use as a button the go to photobucket and save it as a picture. The rest is easy peasy. Let me know when you get your picture saved and I can help you from there.

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    I had Tamara at Cheapskate Designs do a button for me recently when I developed a case of button envy. Check out her site:

    She charges $5 and will work with you to get what you want. She did at least six different buttons for me before we got it right.

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    I love looking at everyone’s blog buttons and posting them on my blog. I can’t wait to see what you come up. I’ll be sure to post it ASAP. Good luck!

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